Purchase tickets at a low pre-sale rate directly at one of the many oeticket pre-sale points throughout Austria (Raiffeisen banks, savings banks, Volksbanks, LIBRO, tobacconists, Media Markt, travel agencies, etc.) or on the Internet.

Event category normal price
and "art for everyone"
10% discount
Ö1 Club, Raiffeisen

20% discount
Club members
Schoolchildren, apprentices and students *)
Concerts category A:
Art of Solo, Jakobisingen, Emily Stewart, Matteo Haitzmann
23 EUR 21 EUR 18,5 EUR 15,5 EUR Buy tickets
Concerts category B:
Eröffnung, Sketchbook Orchestra, Matinee, Die Knoedel, Muthspiel - Orjazztra, Abschlusskonzert
26 EUR 23,5 EUR 21 EUR 17 EUR Buy tickets
See.Rund.Gang 13 EUR - - 4 EUR Buy tickets
Fairytale hike 10 EUR - - 4 EUR Buy tickets
Symposium in Ticket inkludiert Restkarten: 5 EUR - - - -

Discounts only with ID. Only one discount can be claimed.
Example: A club member who is also an Ö1 Club member receives a 20% discount (not 30%).
Children up to 6 years of age who do not occupy a seat are free of charge
*) discount for students* up to 26 years of age
*) events in the Rothschild Pavilion are excluded from the general pass

Please note that this price does not include any service fees. Please inform yourself at the advance booking office of your choice.

Wheelchairs seats can be booked in advance by e-mail at karten@wellenklaenge.at.
For a companion there is a place in the immediate vicinity.

Workshops Registration regular price Students, apprentices up to 26 years of age Students, apprentices up to 18 years
Sound wave music workshop bis 1.5.
ab 1.5.
240 EUR
280 EUR
220 EUR
260 EUR
200 EUR
240 EUR
Composer-Performer Music Lab bis 1.6.
ab 1.6.
250 EUR
290 EUR
200 EUR 200 EUR Register

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A2 poster (diving tower)

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