Dear audience,

the wellenklænge festival with its lake stage and the surrounding mountains and woodlands is nestled in a unique biosphere. The entire festival team is anxious to protect our environment and to live in harmony with our ecosystem and to use our resources responsibly.

We want to act on our ideals in the daily festival organisation. Therefore, we are striving to fulfil the requirements of the Austrian Ecolabel which guarantees very high standards in terms of ecological sustainability.

The label considers several fields such as food service, mobility, waste and energy management, but also social factors such as the accessibility of our festival venues for people with disabilities. We are dedicated to employ the best measures possible in these fields.

Help us raise awareness for a responsible way with our environment and resources and support our mission by rethinking your daily routine. For example, why not find someone to share your car ride to the festival with? Or avoid disposable plastic items and opt for organic produce from your region whenever possible?

For more information on the Eco Label, see below.

Thanks for your support!

your festival team,

Simon Zöchbauer and Julia Lacherstorfer

The event meets the criteria for the Austrian Ecolabel for Green Events.